Healthy how-to’s for a challenging world

                               The Caregivers Table is ideal for workers whose jobs don’t coincide with lunchtime self-care programs, or whose own meals are gobbled on the fly, or come from the vending machine, …..or don’t happen at all. 

We offer consultations

We offer custom-tailored educational programs for healthcare settings, entire departments, or specific wards. Programming is flexible and can range from 15-minute in-services, to conference presentations, and day-long workshops.


Our programs are anchored in practicality and dolloped with science, nourishment, and fun. We bring practical nutrition and flavorful cooking solutions to caregivers, the how-to-make-it-work in their challenging worlds. The results of our programs? Relief, refreshment, and solid information to improve staff lives. Care for the caregivers.

I’ve been there.

Before I became a chef, nutritionist and culinary educator, I was that caregiver. I was a Respiratory Therapist in urban trauma centers and understand the physical, mental, and emotional fortitude required to work long hours at the bedside. I get what it means to work short staffed, to think on your feet, to turn on a dime in dynamic and demanding circumstances. I’m very familiar with the downstairs dash, only to find a “closed” sign on the cafeteria door, and the frustrations over limited access to energy-sustaining food choices on the night shift. My mission is to offer practical ideas, easy recipes, and useful solutions that answer the realities of being a caregiver in today’s healthcare environment.

Flavor. Nourishment. Sustainability. Care.


Let’s bring The Caregiver’s Tables’ nourishing programs to your staff.


About Catherine

Catherine McConkie, NC is the founder of The Caregivers Table; a Natural Chef Instructor and Nutrition Consultant; Executive Chef for Center for Mind Body Medicine’s Food As Medicine professional nutrition training program; Chef Faculty for Center for Mind Body Medicine’s partnership with Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis, IN; Core faculty for the Healing Kitchens Institute at Commonweal Research Institute in Bolinas, CA; co- creator of Diabetes in Motion at San Francisco General Hospital and lead Chef Instructor at San Francisco General Hospital’s Wellness Center.