The Caregivers Table is a custom tailored, food based teaching and cooking program for healthcare workers.

Nourishment designed specifically for the people who take care of us all.

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Healthy how-to’s for a challenging world

The Caregivers Table is a food-based,
teaching and cooking program for bedside
healthcare practitioners the people who
take care of us all.


Side effects may include increased creativity, connection, compassion, care, productivity, and staff happiness!

The Fatigue Factor

Think about a patient care pitcher and imagine it being filled up twice. That’s the amount of fluid your body normally loses per day. Are you replacing that amount?

Surprisingly, dry mouth and thirst are not the first signs of chronic dehydration. Fatigue, moodiness, irritability, back and joint pain are!

Maintain Energy & Weight

You head to the cafeteria’s salad bar at lunchtime and the line is long. It’s a crazy day so you grab a diet soda, an apple, a bag of chips and scoot back upstairs. An hour later you’re hungry and tired.

Your weight has climbed 10 pounds in the past year, you’re stressed, you’re tired. Does this sound familiar?

Navigating the Night Shift

It’s 1:00am and there’s 6 hours to go. You’re chilly, sleepy, and wondering what you can do to perk up.

Nothing really sounds good but you need…something. Are there ways your food choices can influence warmth, energy, metabolism and productivity?

The Caregivers Table

What would it look like if a hospital unit collaborated so that everyone on duty was well nourished?

What if there was a shift away from the individual model at mealtime to a one based on community? What if people contributed pieces of the whole and didn’t have to plan meals and snacks just for themselves?

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