Eggs- a stabilizing “go -to” food

Sometimes it’s almost impossible to undo a bad reputation. Such is the case for eggs. Since the 1960’s there has been widespread belief that by consuming cholesterol containing eggs one is put directly on the path to developing heart disease. Despite multiple subsequent studies indicating that cholesterol alone is not causation for heart disease, the belief that eggs are “bad” has been hard to put to rest.

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Cherries– Kewpie dolls with a message

There is something precious to me about cherries. Round, red, shiny, cute as can be. To see them all piled up at the market feels like I’m being hit with a thousand dimpled smiles and my heart can’t help but smile back. They evoke memories of childhood summers….bare feet, warm nights, stained lips and cherry pit fights.

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Greens, Glorious Greens!

While strolling along at the farmers market recently these beauties caught my eye. Loaded with stress busting magnesium, energy producing iron and bone strengthening vitamin K, dark leafy greens pack a wallop when it comes to a source of concentrated nutrition.

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The absolute best – 20 dozen energy truffles

Yay for nurses! Those skilled, compassionate, patient, tolerant, and hardworking bedside healers who are the heartbeat of healthcare.

When asked to provide 20 dozen healthy snack during Nurse Appreciation Week for a chunk of the 900+ nurses at San Francisco General Hospital, I jumped at the chance. You see, I love and respect these people, I really do.

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